DE – Event Overview

PCA Canada West Region’s Driver Education Program takes place at the 9 turn Mission Riverside Raceway in Mission BC, just one hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver. The track layout was updated a few years ago and is now much improved over the previous configuration.  There are both fast and slow corners to challenge the veteran, as well as providing plenty of learning opportunities for the first timer.

The day will start with an optional track walk conducted by our instructors where you can get an up-close and personal look at the intricacies of the track that you might miss while driving, looking for landmarks to help you hone your skill.  Then the Novice drivers will receive a one hour classroom session while we begin the driving portion of the day.  All drivers will have four 25-minute sessions on track with qualified instruction provided by Driving Unlimited.

CWR’s DE Program is designed to provide a safe, structured teaching environment in which participants learn advanced car control and safe driving techniques. Although safety is our highest priority, there are inherent risks involved with any high performance driving activity. It is our understanding that standard ICBC automobile insurance will not provide coverage for you or your vehicle while participating in this event. It is the responsibility of each individual to confirm their insurance coverage and to obtain additional coverage as desired.

Driver Education events are not racing, or a competition of any kind.  No times or positions are recorded and no awards or prizes are given. Conduct considered either unsafe or inconsistent with the spirit or purpose of the Driver Education program will not be permitted and drivers may be refused entrance or expelled from an event.

Driver Education not only provides mental and physical exhilaration, but also enhances overall car control skills, leading to safer operation both on the track and the street. Techniques learned on the track are directly transferable and enhance defensive street operation.


PCA-CWR 2017  Driver’s Education event dates: To be announced


We are currently planning the format of our next events. In the meanwhile, we are working with the BMW Car Club of British Columbia to accommodate the Driver’s Education needs of our members. If you are eager to attend a Driver’s Education event, the BMW Club welcomes Porsches, and has a very structured and novice friendly format complete with professional instruction. Please visit their webpage to read more about their programs, requirements, and dates: http://www.bmwccbc.org/schools/#control




All participating vehicles must pass tech inspection to be allowed on the track. Inspection criteria are available HERE. Entrants should particularly ensure that their brake pads have minimum 50% thickness and that their brake fluid has been flushed recently. Entry fee will be forfeited should the vehicle fail inspection.

Event Rules:

  • Open cars with factory-installed roll over protection are acceptable. In these cars the soft-top must be in the up position or the hard top installed. If a car does not have factory installed roll over protection, a roll bar must be installed, which meets the “broomstick” rule (the driver’s helmeted head is below a bar placed on top of the rollbar and windshield). All targa tops must be installed unless there is additional roll over protection. All sunroofs must be in the closed position.
  • Equal Restraints: Both student and instructor shall have the same restraint system. All vehicles must be equipped with a properly installed lap and shoulder restraint system.
  • Driver’s License: All entrants must provide a valid driver’s license.
  • Car Occupancy: If two people are in a car, one must be an approved event instructor. and the other must be a registered entrant in the event.
  • Helmet: All car occupants must wear a helmet that adheres to one of the following standards: Snell M or SA 2005 or 2010; BSI BS6658-85 TYPE A/FR; SFI, Spec 31.1A, 31.2A, or 31.1/2005; FIA, standard 8860-2004. If you do not own an approved helmet, loaner helmets are available for $10. Please let us know before the event if you need one.
  • Footwear: Footwear must be enclosed, non-slip, with a relatively smooth sole. No sandals allowed.
  • Clothing: Full length pants must be worn.
  • Passing Signals and Procedures: All passing in the designated areas will be with the use of hand signals to direct the passing car safely around the car being passed. In the event of drivers who, due to a physical impairment, are unable to use hand signals, the use of turn signals to signal passing will be permitted.
  • Erratic Driving: Four wheels off, spin, and/or contact, the driver must come into the pits to have the car looked over and to be queried for the cause.
  • Entrant Age: The minimum age for any driving entrant is eighteen years.
  • NO ALCOHOL OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES CAN BE CONSUMED BY ANY PARTICIPANT DURING THE HOURS OF EVENT OPERATION, OR BY ANY PERSON AT THE SITE OF THE EVENT DURING THE HOURS OF EVENT OPERATION. This is not intended to prevent participants from taking medication as long as it does NOT have an effect upon the person’s ability to control a vehicle at speed.
  • Participants must follow any rules or instructions announced at the event’s Driver Meeting. Violation may result in a warning, or expulsion from the event for serious violations, at the sole discretion of the event organizers.
  • Participants are welcome to share their car with another registered participant providing the participants are of differing skill levels. If you are planning to share a car with someone else please contact the CWR DE Registrar before registering to be sure we can accommodate both drivers.
  • CWR reserves the right to refuse any entrant’s event registration, and to expel any entrant during the event at the sole discretion of the event organizers.

Participants who do not comply with the Event Rules will forfeit their entry fee and be required to leave the grounds.

Recommendations for Participants:

  • long sleeve shirts and natural fiber (eg. Cotton) clothing are highly recommended for fire safety. Synthetic fibres are discouraged.
  • Narrow snug-fitting thin-soled shoes are recommended. If you don’t have any purpose-designed driving shoes, bring your oldest snuggest pair; a worn sole will give you more feel on the pedals than a new thick sole.
  • Drivers who have driving suits and gloves are encouraged to wear them.
  • Metal-to-metal mounted fire extinguishers are recommended.
  • Remove all loose items in the car prior to the technical inspection.
  • Bring garbage bags to keep loose items covered in case of rain.
  • Participants should come prepared with high energy fluids (Gatorade, Powerade etc).
  • For more tips please visit the Driver Education section of the PCA National website.

The Track:
This event will be held on the road course at Mission Raceway Park. This is a nine turn, 1.5 mile course.

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