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20170604 Autocross Results


1:18 pm
June 16, 2017


Richmond, B.C.


posts 262


I just got the sheets from Blake last night, and I have now put the data

into my typical spreadsheet(s).

I have a few caveats and comments…..

I can only work with what I am given.

Some of the data I think is questionable.

The course workers fundamentally had no idea of what to do,

so I think they didn't call many (any ?) cones, because there was only

1 cone penalty in all the results.

I think they called cone penalties as DNFs (maybe ?)

There were a lot of DNFs… any many didn't have the associated time recorded, so I can only enter them as a DNF.

But it is nice to see a time, even if the run is a DNF.


That said, here are 2 spreadsheets…

first is sorted by entrant number

second is sorted by ranking fastest time to least fastest.






Again, if you know of any glaring errors, let me know.





Pat & Gary Watson

2016 Corvette Z06 Coupe

4:27 pm
June 17, 2017




posts 12

Hi Gary,

Thanks for compiling and posting the result.

I worked at station 2 and called cones and DNF's, but after lunch our radio died and I think Station 1 radio died as well. This was around group 1's 3rd or 4th run? So there was a time during the afternoon group 1 runs where 2 of the 3 stations had no working radio. I think timing needs to confirm that they heard the station reports. 


There were a lot of DNF's, as group 1 had to figure out the entry at the top. Then  after lunch with the slight course change, one of the yellow cones was used to indicate another part of the track and I think people were getting used to using it as a marker so some more DNF's. Also noticed that during the afternoon runs, some would cut the corner coming off the second time around the hairpin going down into the sweeping right. There was a gap in between the cone that you could easily cut through. 


I'll post up some in car videos to show my AM and PM runs and you can see the cone changes. 


Would be interesting if the results could be grouped in to the A and B groups. 


Again, thanks for all the work.


5:47 pm
June 17, 2017




posts 12

Let's see if these links work. The linked video's are posted up on my youtube.


Both shot on a Blackvue dashcam. The first link is my 2nd run in the morning. 




This link is my last run in the afternoon, also my fastest. You can see how the course changed a bit. Also you can see near the end a nice break in the course where you would be tempted to head towards.




Driving an 2008 Audi A3, front wheel drive, in manual mode, traction control off. 

12:33 pm
June 19, 2017



posts 22

Thanks for posting the videos Paul ,nice camera angle, and the little Audi A3 goes pretty good!  


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