Porsche Centre Vancouver


Porsche Centre Vancouver’s Service and Parts team are your connection to the road; a constantly changing one.  The founders of Porsche built their dream on a solid foundation of innovative spirit and a stringent demand for quality. Over the last 60 years, this philosophy has created a perfectly formed sports car manufacturer.

As Porsche carries into the future, they bring with them a legacy of impeccable and unparalleled engineering that has translated into over 28,000 race wins and the development of the world’s finest road going sports cars.  The staff at Porsche Centre Vancouver chooses to honour this philosophy through countless hours of dedicated factory training and to an individual, a sincere enthusiasm for Porsche automobiles. Porsche Centre Vancouver upholds the Porsche tradition of offering an enjoyable sales experience and the personalized service required to make your ownership of a Porsche, “A Dream Realized.”

We are proud supporters of Porsche’s ultimate driving enthusiasts – check the Promotions page on our website for special Parts and Service deals, exclusive to Club Members. Porsche Centre Vancouver