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What To Expect

You should arrive at the track by 6:30am – 6:45am so that our tech inspectors can get a look at your car before the gates open at 7am.  When you arrive at the track we will be parking along the track access road before the gate in order to complete our technical inspection.  Please be sure to park to the right side of the road, and leave room for officials to get their cars through the gate.

Once you’ve parked you will be met by our Registrar who will have you sign the waiver and will give you your information package.  The first thing you should do is find the tech inspection form in your information package and fill out the top portion with your personal information.  Once you’ve done that you can put the form under your windshield wiper so that the inspectors can fill it out while they give your car a quick check-over.  You can see what they’re looking for by visiting our tech inspection page. You should take a look through this list in the days before the event to be sure that you won’t suffer the disappointment of failing the inspection.

You will also find your car numbers in your information package along with some tape.  You will need to affix these numbers to the inside of your windows so that we can identify you on the track. One number should be affixed to the inside of each rear side window, and if your car doesn’t have side windows, just tape one number to the top right side of your windshield.

At 7am the gate will open and you will be directed to the paddock where you can find an empty parking space and unload your car.  Make sure you take everything out of your car that is not absolutely necessary. This includes floor mats, the spare change in your ash tray and anything loose that might roll around inside while on the track. The last thing you need is something rolling under your pedals at the wrong time.

Once you’ve gotten your belongings and your car sorted out you can make your way to the event tent. The drivers’ meeting will take place at 8:15am where you will get more information on what you will be doing for the rest of the day. You can also look through your information package where you will find a schedule and run group listing. Look through this listing to find to which run group you have been assigned and where you are expected to be during the day. You might also find the name of your instructor; if they haven’t already introduced themselves to you, you might want to seek them out. Ask around, they’re probably not difficult to find.

If at any time you have a question or comment please find one of the members of the CWR DE Committee. They are Blake Robertson . Ask around, someone will know where we are.

Above all the day is meant to be fun! Just relax, listen to what your instructor is telling you and enjoy the day with your car and a bunch of other enthusiasts.

More tips for the day can be found on the PCA National website here.